Oculoplastics Services

Your eyes are your window to the world.
Due to the natural aging process, eyelids (both upper and lower) can become “droopy” or “baggy.” This can give you the appearance of being sleepy, tired, and prematurely aged, and may also lead to brow and eyelid strain.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery that improves the appearance of the eyelids is often called an “eye lift” or “blepharoplasty.” This surgery can be performed on both the UPPER and on the LOWER eyelids.

Dr. Dominick Golio at Giliberti Eye & Laser Center offers eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids, resulting in a younger and healthier appearance. Upper eyelid surgery may be covered by health insurance if the drooping is associated with visual obstruction.girl_flower

Cosmetic services at Giliberti Eye
& Laser include:

  • Brow and forehead lift
  • Upper and lower eyelid lift / eyelid surgery
  • BOTOX® cosmetic around the eyes and face
  • Restylane around the mouth, lips, and face
  • Other injectables and fillers such as Radiesse, Perlane, etc.

Medical services include:

  • Surgery of the tear drainage system (improves tearing)
  • Excision or biopsy of tumors around the eyelid and orbit
  • Fractures of the bones surrounding the eye
  • Reconstructive surgery around the eye
  • Treatment of thyroid-related orbitopathy
  • BOTOX® cosmetic injections for blepharospasm
  • Repair of eyelid entropion and ectropion (eyelid rolling into the eye and rolling out of the eye)

Dr. Golio specializes in oculoplastics procedures including blepharoplasty and other facial plastic and reconstructive procedures. He also performs injectables and filler procedures.

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